Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monogatari Second Season - Episode 16

With Nadeko's story arc not at all resolved but put on the back burner until a later date, it's back to the recap episodes for this episode of Monogatari Second Season.

More precisely, this episode takes us back through the events of Nisemonogatri at break-neck speed - something which still doesn't really suit this series where the execution is usually more entertaining than the pay-off.  Still, if you wanted to see Shinobu and Koyomi naked in the bath together again then you can do so just fine - oh, there's also the whole storyline regarding Kaiki and the revelations surrounding Tsukihi to take in again here too.

No tooth-brushing to be found here though, unless I dozed off and missed it.  A real travesty, I tell you.

Anyway, with another recap out of the way, it's back to the series proper again for episode seventeen!

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