Friday, 11 October 2013

Golden Time - Episode 2

It's one week on from the start of college life, and Koko still hasn't let up in her persistent attempts to follow Mitsuo everywhere that he goes - similarly, Mistuo certainly has no intention of falling in with Kaga and does everything in his powers to avoid her.

As a result, Banri starts to find himself feeling rather sorry for Koko - with her expensive tastes in clothing and the demeanour she exudes, nobody is willing to approach or talk to her, leaving her entirely alone once paired with Mitsuo's determination to avoid her.  Of course, Mitsuo is having none of this when Tada broaches the subject with him, insisting that her behaviour is all just an act that shouldn't be fallen for.

In the meantime, Banri continues to try and figure out what club to join, hanging out at a welcoming party held by the college's film club before being kidnapped and dragged into another party held by the ultimate den of hedonism that is the tea club.  With other organisations also desperate to snap up fresh meat, Tada certainly has no shortage of offers, yet once again this only leads to the realisation that Koko hasn't been approached by anybody to join their club.  As fate would have it however, a chance meeting between Bandri and Kaga leads to them both being pursued by another random club - one with a very persuasive (and verbose) leader that seemingly leaves them little choice but to at least try it out.

It's perhaps a little too obvious where this series is heading in the grand scheme of things (the opening credits certainly seem to make no effort to hide it), but there's certainly a lot of light-hearted fun to be found within Golden Timethus far - all of its cast of characters seem likeable and work well together, and this episode in particular is clearly gleaning a lot of enjoyment (which proves rather infectious) in its depiction of university life.  Overall, the easy-going nature of these early episodes, tinged with just a little emotion and drama, is working for me, so hopefully it can continue to deliver moving forward.

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