Monday, 21 October 2013

Kill la Kill - Episode 3

This third episode of Kill la Kill begins by offering us a rare moment to get into the head of antagonist Satsuki Kiryuin - or at least it lets us see the object of her desires, a garment which seems not entirely dissimilar to that discovered and sported by Matoi, and a piece of clothing promised to Satsuki as the head of the family upon her marriage.

Meanwhile, Matoi herself is looking to find out a little more about her own outfit Senketsu, and her obvious target to ply for information is her teacher Mikisugi.  Reticent though he initially seems to give too much away, he eventually folds and explains the source of Senketsu's powers, and indeed the powers of the school's Goku uniforms.  Effectively, these powers come from so-called "Life Fibres", and while Goku uniforms contain ten to twenty percent of these fibres for one and two-star uniforms respectively, Kamui such as Senketsu are made of nothing but Life Fibres.  However, this kind of concentrated awesomeness is too much for some, as failed experiments of the past has proven.

It is perhaps this reason that Kiryuin has been kept from donning her own Kamui in the past, but having seen what Matoi is capable of she is in no mood to be beaten to the punch, proverbially or literally - as a result, she storms in and dons Junketsu, her own Kamui before proceeding to show Matoi how it's really done.  For her part, it seems that Matoi's embarrassment over her revealing outfit as actually prevented her from learning the true extent of Senketsu's powers, meaning that her only chance to survive and potentially emerge victorious is to discard her shame... and even more of her clothing.

As increasingly silly and borderline exploitative this show's fan service and ever-more revealing outfits are becoming, Kill la Kill remains a lot of fun at this juncture - wonderfully energetic, effortlessly funny when it needs to be and with crazy action that mostly looks fantastic alongside all of its other insane elements.  My biggest worry now is that with its lead characters powered up significantly (transformation sequences and all) and the promise of a requirement for Matoi to beat the school's various club captains is that we're either going to end up with a lot of mismatched battles or a lot of "opponent of the week" fare.  Given how the series has progressed so far however, anything could happen in the next episode... and probably will.

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