Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 2

When it comes to conflict resolution, it's hard to beat a flying, mechanised goldfish, and thanks to Hozuki any immediate threat to her family has been well and truly been quelled, damage to the family home and surroundings be damned.

Indeed, the rest of the Ferrari family are beyond impressed with both Hozuki's guts and her engineering ability as they quiz her on the origins of her machine - all, that is, aside from Kazuki, who doesn't seem too taken with the craft's aesthetic.  With the police now on the scene, all is now well again... or is it?  While a mysterious woman introduces herself to Hozuki as hardcore Galileo fan Anna Hendrix, the rest of her family are being held at gunpoint and taken to the local station, which is clearly nothing to do with hunting down those responsible for the previous events.

Its left to Anna to fill us in here, as she discusses her discovery of some information surrounding something known as the Galileo Tesoro, which is seems is related to the inheritance of which everyone speaks.  As it's revealed that the hunt for the Tesoro has taken in big business, the police and sky pirates, it becomes clear that Hozuki's parents and siblings are in danger, and only she has the technology required to bust them out of their incarceration.

Having rolled with the first episode, I'm really not too sure what to make of Galilei Donna as of this second instalment. It certainly has its moments (be they goldfish mecha or the Ferrari family kicking ass in their own unique ways), but the plot to this point feels contrived and willfully clumsy to prop up its narrative.  If the series can settle down and get into a groove then perhaps it can offer up something interesting, but for now it feels a little like a collection of hastily assembled ideas that all sound cool in isolation but don't come together to form a coherent whole.  Hopefully somebody can bring along some plot glue in episode three to stick everything together...

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