Thursday, 24 October 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 3

The Ferrari sisters have escaped their pursuers for the time being, and their father is also on the run, but it seems that their mother hasn't been quite so luckily...

We learn this as the true face of the family's nemesis becomes clear - outwardly, they're a respectable company named Adni Moon, but beneath that businesslike exterior resides their darker face, Messier, a group responsible for attacks on methane hydrate sites around the world (which they then conveniently blame on sky pirates), and perhaps more importantly the true force currently on the hunt for the Galileo Tesoro.  With Sylvia Ferrari in their grasp, now suffering from amnesia but still with all of her technical knowledge intact, it's her daughters that are now firmly in the focus of Messier.

Not that this is an immediate concern to the three sisters, as they continue to travel as far from home as possible using Hozuki's goldfish craft - while the other "residents" of the ship seem to have quickly come to terms with the situation, Kazuki is a notable exception as she laments her situation and seems to continue to harbour quite the grudge against her younger sister's ability.  When Messier come calling with a mech of their own, it's Kazuki who is immediately ready to give up the first clue they hold to the Tesoro's whereabouts, but thanks to some help from an unexpected source it seems that the game is not yet up for the Ferrari sisters and Anna Hendrix.

I still have no idea what the ultimate goals of Galilei Donna are even now we're three episodes in, but in fairness I am starting to warm to the series - it's building at least some of its characters in interesting ways and its core premise (which is effectively a treasure hunt) is appealing to me for reasons I can't quite discern, especially when complemented with some of the show's crazy technology.  This still feels like a series that could go either way in terms of its narrative quality and entertainment value, but hopefully Galilei Donna will start to show its hand more explicitly over the next episode or two, which could be a make of break moment for how it ultimately pans out.

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