Monday, 28 October 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 79

Is this the end of the road for Hibito's career in space?  It certainly seems that way as he received the fateful call to return to the US and NASA with his rehabilitation still very much incomplete.

Much to the frustration of Ivan, there's nothing he or his higher-ups can suggest to prevent Hibito's departure, and it goes without saying that Olga isn't exactly thrilled to learn that he'll be leaving either - in fact, she's downright devastated, especially given that she was gearing up for her next "date" with him.

Single-minded girl that she is, the tearful Olga drags out from confinement in her bedroom to meet Hibito one more time, offering him the second half of the DVD compilation showing her rise to ballet stardom, while walking with him and discussing Gagarin amongst other things.  Perhaps these are all elements which can help Hibito to focus and overcome his problem on his own terms, before it's too late for his career?

Given that I haven't particular bought into any potential romance between Hibito and Olga (even ignoring her age for a moment), I'm not sure that this was really how I wanted this aspect of the show's plot to end - hopefully it can build this into a more compelling aspect of Hibito's rehabilitation, but at this point it felt rather arbitrary and a bit of a damp squib to his trip to Russia after some decent build-up in places.  Still, maybe a return to see what's going on with NASA is exactly what the series needs, if only to keep us away from more awkward Russian stereotyping for a while.

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