Sunday, 10 March 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 48

There's no more time for preamble, as this week sees training kick off in earnest for our astronaut candidates - at least, it will if Mutta can stop pondering the potential bad omens hinted at in last week's episode.

Indeed, his foremost concern should probably be one of his two instructors, as Vincent Bold continues to bemoan the demeanour of the non-military candidates in the group.  On the flip side of this, Mutta seems to have taken an immediate shine to Bold thanks to his intense nature and, more specifically, a promise to complete the course six months faster than the two years allocated to it.

All of this is in stark contrast to Bold's fellow instructor Larry Bison, who has a reputation for being a "luke warm" character with none of the intensity of his colleague.  It's Bold that sets the tone for the early days of the group's training however, spying an opportunity to improve efficiency by combining a couple of tasks and thus sending the whole group packing on a survival trek across the Texan desert on the way to Amarillo (cue Tony Christie).  Although spirits are high as the group set off, we can rest assured that it won't be long before fractures appear, particularly within the JAXA-led Group E...

While I'm not entirely sure about Mr. Bold's suitability as an instructor of any kind - cutting off questions curtly and looking to get things done faster than they need to be don't seem like good traits for such a position - I'm willing to let it slide as we move towards another period of character-centric drama from Space Brothers.  It's something that the show has done unfailing well throughout, no matter the scenario constructed around it, so I'm ready for such more top-notch material this time around - hopefully it won't let me down.

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