Thursday, 28 March 2013

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT - Episode 12 (Completed)

Now that pretending not to hear things has finally (and with every pun intended) started to fall upon deaf ears, Kodaka has seemingly decided to quit the Neighbour's Club entirely rather than face up to the situation which has unfolded around his like a man.

Instead, Hasegawa finds himself befriending (although of course he wouldn't call it that) members of the student council, helping them out at every opportunity and using his presence alongside them as an excuse not to spend time at his designated club.  Nobody can hide from their problems forever though, and eventually everything catches up to him...

The necessity of facing up to the situation within which he is embroiled is brought home in a decidedly physical form by Rika, who attacks him both physically and verbally in an attempt to make him see sense - something which seems like it isn't going to work but ultimately proves potent, and not just for Kodaka either.  Thus, both Rika and Hasegawa finally admit that they've made themselves some friends, Kodaka also comes to the realisation that he has to answer Sena's feelings somehow, and Yozora... well, Yozora really doesn't take the whole scenario very well.

The biggest disappointment of this finale is that, despite seeming willing to tackle the big points of drama surrounding its cast (in a way which was weird, meta, and weirdly meta), at the end of it all we fall short of actually resolving anything much - it's been obvious to the viewer that this group are friends for eons now, and the more important points which branch off from this surrounding Sena, Yozora and even Rika, still aren't addressed directly to any satisfying degree.  This leaves with an unspectacular ending to an unspectacular series that never really did anything much to succeed in sticking in my mind; it certainly never managed to rekindle the entertainment value of the early days of its first season, which is a real shame.  Would anyone bet against us receiving a third season of Haganai after the ending we've been served here?  I certainly wouldn't.

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