Sunday, 24 March 2013

AKB0048 Next Stage - Episode 12

Having seen her father shot dead right in front of her, this isn't a particularly easy time for Chieri.  Neither, it seems, has this assassination had any impact upon DES' activities, as they continue to hold a tight grip over Akibastar.

With our without Chieri however, taking back Akibastar continues to be Tsubasa's primary concern, meaning that there's no let up in training for the other members as they can only hope that Chieri comes back on-board in time.  As Tsubasa's frustration at the abilities of her charges boils over, the collective memories of those involved regarding their journey so far seem to be just what is required for their Kirara to react with the Dualium crystals, taking them on a brief journey not entirely dissimilar to that experienced by the disappearing Centre Novae, it seems.

Indeed, in Nagisa and Chieri's cases their "trip" is virtually identical to those experienced by Yuuko and previous Centre Novae, albeit in a rather more brief form than the more permanent disappearance of their peers.  If nothing else, this proves that the plan to take back Akibastar can succeed, and thus off we head to see if AKB0048 can retake their home planet.  As their concert begins however, their welcome is entirely less warm than they might have been expecting...

When I start using phrases like "Kirara reacting with Dualium crystals", it makes me realise just how much nonsensical bullshit I've bought into over the course of this series, but regardless it seems as if the series has set itself up nicely for a finale that will (hopefully) explain everything and bring us one final epic concert/battle.  Having expected their concert at the tail end of this episode to be a triumphant return, I'm actually quite pleased to see the series proving itself happy to do something a little darker and perhaps more realistic, which in turn makes for what could be another interesting turning point for the show.  If nothing else, all of this certainly helps AKB0048 to feel more well-grounded and confident in the importance of its own universe than some of its stumbling earlier steps perhaps suggested at.

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