Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai - Episode 11

The trouble with telepathic divine chat rooms is that if you "type" into the wrong window, your conversation ends up in entirely the wrong place and everyone is left feeling embarrassed.

This is just one of the problems facing Jou Edogawa - the other, of course, being that pesky penis, although this no longer seems to be an issue by the time we reach this episode.  With Sasami continuing to make use of Tama's body to enjoy her trip remotely on account of catching the 'flu, our protagonist's number one goal seems to be to make friends with Edogawa - a line of pursuit which Edogawa herself seems to view as some kind of threat or challenge.

Whatever you do, never challenge Edogawa to a freestyle rap battle

There's also another problem with Sasami's efforts, that being that they're succeeding in making Kagami exceedingly jealous.  It's an issue that Kagami wrestles with and ultimately loses to, storming off in a huff at the start of a festival that the group are visiting, required some conciliatory behaviour from Sasami which in turn leaves her unable to seal her friendship with Edogawa.

Having set up some seemingly important things in last week's episode (and the tail-end of the episode before that), I'm rather struggling to figure out whether there was actually any point to a lot of this episode beyond its mixture of fan service, comedy and relationship-building - all worthy reasons to put together a story arc admittedly, but not quite what was initially advertised I feel.  Still, there was some fun to be found here - the suggestion that Edogawa is some kind of "chuunibyou" cracked me up and there were a couple of other decent moments; just not enough to make up for the fact that this series continues to live under the shadow of that first episode no matter how visually alluring it manages to be.

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