Sunday, 10 March 2013

Little Busters! - Episode 22

Confusion reigns after the launchpad shuttle explosion in Kud's home country of Tebwa, with no news coming out of the country regarding her mother's condition or status in its wake.

With what little news there is suggesting that the country might be subjected to biohazards and the like as a result of the explosion, it doesn't seem like a place that anyone would be particularly keen to visit, but for Kud in particular there is a real dilemma on her hands as she's offered a plane ticket and the opportunity to return home to check on her mother.

In short, Kud isn't so much using Japan as a current home but a place of escape, after having (in her mind) shamed herself after joining an aviation school in her homeland in the hope of becoming a cosmonaut before being found wanting thanks to her unique traits.  Such is Kud's shame that she feels unable to face her mother, but at the same time it's clear that the only way she will find out her fate is to return to Tebwa.  So what should she do?  Nobody has the answer, namely because it seems as though there is no right answer, but needless to say it's ultimately up to Naoe to see through everything and nudge Kud in what seems to be the right direction.

Certainly, this made for one of the better episodes of Little Busters in some ways, as it took its outrageous circumstances and fashioned them into a more genuine moral dilemma that can at least be related to.  Beyond that, it's too late for me to become sufficiently invested in the show's character at this stage, which leaves the show dead in the water to some extent, although I'm curious to see where this particular story arc is headed now given that I assumed that Kud's departure would be the end of the matter.  Again though, even Little Busters on relatively good form simply isn't compelling enough to be truly memorable.

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