Thursday, 14 March 2013

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT - Episode 10

Just as it seemed that everything was going smoothly with their culture festival movie project, out comes the truth about Yozora's plagiarism of a popular film to send the whole thing into a tailspin.

Needless to say, not only are her fellow club members not too happy about her behaviour, but they're also no longer at all keen on shooting a plagiarised movie - a good job then that Sena has already created a backup movie script just in case Yozora screwed up, and although the script seems to be an amateurish mess of ideas it is at least original.

As shooting of their film continues in earnest, the gang get a glimpse of how things should really be done by paying a visit to Kobato's middle school's culture festival and her own movie project, an impressive piece with Kobato herself at its centre.  Indeed, it's a surprise to Kodaka to hear that his little sister is the centrepiece of school life there in general, although Kobato herself seems to shun the attention for whatever reason.... like brother, like sister it seems.  It's this avoidance of any kind of friendship or intimacy that is clearly starting to irk Rika in particular, as she eventually confronts Kodaka about his refusal to accept the fact that he has friends now - yet another argument that seems to fall on deaf ears when it reaches our protagonist.  But why is he so vehement against protecting himself from making friends or falling in love?

In the wake of another episode that feels like it's whipped through its source material at a lightning pace, we seem to have reached the crux of the series as it pertains to Kodaka - is it finally going to be decision time for him when it comes to choosing where his heart lays in terms of both friendship and more?  I really hope so, as this now feels like a series that needs and deserves a conclusion - no matter how luke-warm I am towards this show for the most part, it would be so much better for some kind of final resolution come the end of it all to give weight to at least some of the shenanigans that have come before.  I know it's asking a lot for this kind of series, but we shall see.

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