Sunday, 31 March 2013

Minami-ke Tadaima - Episode 13 (Completed)

Spring has sprung in the world of Minami-ke (oh, how I wish that were true here as well), which means excitement for some....

...and allergies for others.  While pollen is the most widespread course of allergic reactions in the springtime, it seems that Chiaki has a rather unique cause for an allergy of her own - none other than Kana, whose overbearing nature are general idiocy are enough to cause the youngest Minami sister all sorts of problems.  Not that Kana doesn't have some problems of her own however, as Fujioka's instinctive habit of kicking everything in sight (apart from the one thing he probably should be kicking) on account of his place in the school's football team makes her life - then again, what do you expect when you turn the whole thing into some kind of scientific experiment?

Meanwhile in the wonderful world of Hosoka, peas are his new obsession - a fascination which even indirectly trickles down to Chiaki to give her a rare bout of craving vegetables.  (In other news, peas are the best vegetable, and I'll broach no argument on this)  Finally, aside from some chatter about accidentally walking into the wrong toilets, Kana experiences the power of the secret first-hand, and decides to abuse this power to make all and sundry come to the flower viewing she's been looking forward to so much - a strategy which works wonders, it seems.

So ends another season of Minami-ke, and it certainly does enough to end the series on a high with just the right blend of dumb jokes and silly slapstick to be thoroughly enjoyable for the most part.  Although it hasn't always hit the proverbial nail on the head, Tadaima has managed to prove itself one of the better, if not best, series of Minami-ke, which has manages to keep a franchise which should be running out of ideas by now surprisingly fresh without losing any of what made it enjoyable in the first place.  Anime comedy is usually a case of being "good enough" rather than consistently fantastic, and Minami-ke certainly falls firmly into that "good enough" category to have been well worth watching.

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