Thursday, 7 March 2013

Psycho-Pass - Episode 20

It seems that somebody wants to Akane to know about the truth behind the Sibyl system, and thus it's off for another trip to the basement as this week's episode of Psycho-Pass begins...

Clearly, the disembodied brains that make up the system have deigned Akane worthy of the knowledge of their true nature, and we soon come to learn of the reasoning behind this decision - quite simply, they need someone to bring them Makishima, and bring him to them alive.  In spite of her disgust at what truly props up the justice system she protects so fiercely, it seems that Akane is left no option but to do their bidding as they manoeuvre her into a no-win situation, although not before she makes them promise to rescind the decision to execute Kogami before agreeing to their terms.

Meanwhile, Makishima himself is well on his way to achieving his latest terrorist plot of destroying the city's vulnerable food supply - after paying a retire professor who designed the virus that protects the oat crops which feed all and sundry a visit, he has everything he needs to execute this plan.  Thanks to his own knowledge, Kogami is in hot pursuit of his quarry, but it seems that he isn't completely immune to the possibility of leaving his fellow detectives some clues as to what's going on - clues that only Akane seems to have the ability to pick up on.

It's really Tsunemori's character that drives and defines this week's episode - watching her put on the spot by the revelations to her about the Sibyl system was fascinating in its own right (if distilled by being followed by some clumsy and largely needless dream sequence conversations), and seeing her at the peak of her deductive and reasoning powers as she effectively takes control of the hunt for Kogami and Makishima is stirring to watch as we see her potential (and training at Kogami's hands) fully unleashed.  It seels as if we're all set up for a finale that will be as satisfying as what came before, and provided it manages to provide that I really couldn't ask for more from this series that might not be perfect, but certainly still has a lot to offer.

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