Sunday, 24 March 2013

Little Busters! - Episode 24

All is quiet once more now that Kud's drama has died down... but what's this, another mysterious task presented to Rin and Naoe to resolve?

This time around, the unusual letter attached to the tail of Lennon the cat implores its recipients to put on a puppet show - an odd request, until not twenty feet from the duo an argument breaks out between a bunch of younger kids which revolves largely around - you guessed it - a puppet show.  It's Rin who steps in to offer to do this show herself the very next day out of a determination to complete the task set before her - but can she really do it?

Of course, anything is possible with the help of the other Little Busters, and so the entire group set about trying to create a story suitable for a puppet show, with... well, let's just say not entirely brilliant results.  Ultimately, it's Komari who steps up to the plate to help Rin, offering up a story she has written and illustrated herself while also helping to create the puppets themselves just in time for Rin's big performance.  But just who is writing these mysterious notes, and how do they seemingly know the future?

After all the fraught and heavy drama of last week's episode we probably needed a change of pace from this week's Little Busters, but that doesn't really hide the fact that this was also a return to mediocrity for the series - some mild amusement on a couple of occasions aside, the story didn't have as much heart or interest as it clearly wanted to have, and the whole thing ended up falling rather flat.  It also didn't feel much like a late-game episode for a series that surely still has some important things to wrap up, which didn't help in terms of this installment creating the right impression either.

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