Sunday, 17 March 2013

Minami-ke Tadaima - Episode 11

Having spent so long trying to woo Haruka Minami with his cooking, is it time for Hosoka to try a different tact?  Knitting, perhaps?  Not that Hayami's suggestion of such to Haruka is in any way in her own self-interest...

Fashion also plays heavily in the next segment of this week's Minami-ke, as a new coat for Maki somehow causes Atsuko to be the focus of all sorts of difficult and vague questions that seem to have no right answer; moreover, just when it seems she's found the perfect formula for handling such questions, so her attempt to use it to answer more serious fare misfires somewhat.

After a vivid illustration of the perils of mistaking conversations about the snow with conversations about breasts, we return to Hayami's attempts to get Hosoka to knit a scarf - as things clearly aren't going well, she decides that it's time to find out some of Haruka's weaknesses in the hope that she can confront Hosoka with them and return his knitting mojo somehow.  But does Haruka even have any weaknesses?  Chiaki certainly doesn't think so, and any other attempts to find out more seem to go nowhere fast.

All of this melds together into an episode that isn't really a classic - predictable though it was I got a kick out of the whole snow/breasts misunderstanding skit (hey, I'm British, I live for double entendres), but the rest of the episode felt a bit flat; Hosoka is less funny when he's obsessing over knitting, and the whole thing with Maki's coat was too random to really hit the mark.  But hey, you can't expect comedy anime to get it right every week.

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