Sunday, 3 March 2013

Minami-ke Tadaima - Episode 9

Love is in the air (even more so than usual) in this week's Minami-ke, and it's all thanks to some soppy romance movie.

More specifically, the issue is with a pair of tickets to see said movie that are given to Haruka, thus kicking off a chain of good, old-fashioned misunderstandings.  Besides Hosoka's dreams of having Haruka wipe his sweat away in a warm cinema, Natsuki experiences the pleasure of being given the tickets by Haruka in the assumption that she's asking him to see the movie with her followed by the pain of realising she's literally just giving the tickets away, before passing that exact same emotional roller-coaster onto Hitomi (who takes a whole lot longer to realise it).  Then again, maybe Hitomi has already found her real soul-mate in none other than Fujioka, with the two of them exhibiting an almost terrifying level of synchronisation.

On the subject of unspoken understanding, Hitomi once again proves to be impressive at reading Natsuki's thoughts just from the expression on his face, although unfortunately her assumption at the target of those thoughts causes even more confusion for all concerned.  Meanwhile, all this talk of romance sees Riko redouble her efforts to capture Fujioka's heart, although you can't help but feel as if these efforts are undermined by her neurotic (but perhaps reasonable when it comes to cooking) insistence in finding out what "just a little" should actually be quantified as.

All of this combines to create another episode which is pretty much classic Minami-ke - lots of comedy based around misunderstandings, which is perhaps fundamentally old-hat but is no less funny because of it on account of the show being so accomplished at what it does.  In other words, this is another fun episode of a fun series, with just enough humour that hits its target to remain well worth watching.

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