Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) - Episode 22

Now that we seem to have our hands on the full extent of Yakomaru's nefarious plan, it's hard to see much hope for the remaining humans in the face of the Monster Rat rebellion.

That said, not all on the Monster Rats are taking part in this revolution, and this episode reintroduces us to Kiroumaru, who still seems to be very much on the human's side, even going as far as to save Inui from the threat of being killed by the Ogre and the accompanying Monster Rat army.  Not that this has really gained him much thanks from the remaining populace at the temple, as their current strategy of "kill all Monster Rats" sees him locked away despite his continued allegiance to mankind.

Thanks in part to Kiroumaru's presence, it seems as if a plan to fight back might finally be coming together with Saki at its centrepiece, with her parents leaving her information pertaining to an otherwise secret and long-forgotten weapon known as the "Psycho Buster" (yes, this is the most stupid weapon name ever - probably why they kept it a secret).  Originally designed for even those without Powers to kill those with them, and crafted in such a way to avoid the "Death of Shame", this seems like exactly what is required to bring down the Ogre.  The only trouble is, it's location is Tokyo, an abandoned hell around which numerous rumours swirl, and it seems that the reality isn't much better.  Thus, off we head to find the Psycho Buster in Tokyo, with no prizes for guessing who soon follows in hot pursuit...

Ignoring that oh-so stupid weapon name (made all the more so for the fact that it's simply weaponised anthrax), the shift in scenario to Tokyo brought about in this episode is a decidedly interesting one, getting us to explore a little more of this world and inevitably bringing us some more creepy encounters with its fauna into the bargain.  We also seem to be perfect set for the series' final showdown, which hopefully can match up to what the second half of Shin Sekai Yori had provided - a big ask I know, but this is a series that really deserves a strong finale.

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