Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ookami Kakushi - Episode 9

After all of its machinations last time around, episode nine of Ookami Kakushi leaves Nemuru and Hiroshi in something of a tight spot, as they find themselves locked in together thanks to Sakaki's double-crossing efforts.

Why is leaving Nemuru and Hiro in the same room a bad idea? Of course, what we've witnessed previously from Isuzu and Issei tells us everything we need to know, but this episode finally takes the time to reveal the whole story about what is going on in Jouga, from Gods to "fallen" individuals through to the temptation which Hiro represents - A story which can basically be summed up simply by saying that Hiro should really consider changing his deodorant.

Aside from all of the major plot exposition, this episode is also a non-stop lesson in bad parenting, as Hiro's father shows little interest in his missing son until it's almost too late, while Nemuru's father also has little interest in his daughter's welfare until the treachery within his midst comes to light - Although even then he waits for the rain to stop until he actually sets out properly to find her. Never mind if your kid's life is in danger, there's nothing that can be done if your best anorak is at the dry cleaner....

Joking aside, this episode somehow felt like a bit of an anti-climax after all of the build up over the past eight instalments - It lacked any real sense of danger or urgency, and its most exciting sequence turned out to be a dream after all anyway. I had a nasty feeling all of the slow ramping up of the story would fall flat, and so it's proved - I'm now left wondering what (if anything) Ookami Kakushi has in its tank for the final triumvirate of episodes, as this almost felt like a finale in its own right. There are still loose ends to tie up, that's for sure, but they seem even less interesting than the big picture that we've now had cleared up.

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