Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ookami Kakushi - Episode 12 (Completed)

After finishing the series proper last episode, this final instalment of Ookami Kakushi was left free to cut loose and do whatever it likes, which almost inevitably leads us down the road of a light-hearted comical filler episode to close out the show.

This particular episode is split in two, each of which regales us with a pointless tale of the upmost stupidity, whether it's Nemuru's creation of some bizarre and dark rabbit world after getting the wrong end of the stick in a discussion with Mana about some cute mascot, or the story of a "phantom waiter" that is little more than an excuse to dress up some of the cast (yes, including Hiroshi) in waitress outfits. All in all, it tries way too hard to be funny throughout, and thus ends up falling flat on its face the vat majority of the time to the point of being downright irritating in places.

Overall then, this is a decidedly auspicious finish to a decidedly average series that promised much but delivered little aside from a generic mystery series that ran out of steam once most of its secrets were unveiled. As I've said before, it's most certainly no Higurashi, and when put up against its luminaries like that it simply pales in comparison.


Sorrow-kun said...

Average? I daresay you're being kind.

Hanners said...

I dunno, I couldn't find anything I explicitly *hated* about this series, it was just so generic in almost everything that it did that I couldn't find anything to either like or dislike about quite a lot of it.