Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 51

It's been a while since we were last served up a dose of Hetalia: Axis Powers, but normal service is well and truly resumed come the start of this latest episode, with Italy over-sleeping while Germany tries to awaken him. Or is he actually simply sleeping at all?

In fact, on one occasion Italy has in fact come down with a cold. Which is the punchline I guess. Highly amusing.

Thankfully, the second segment of the episode at least has a little more going for it, with America inviting Japan to watch a scary movie with him out of the sheer terror of what it will contain. While said film scares the living daylights out of America, Japan is left completely unmoved and unaffected, although his attempt to "toughen up" America via a few survival horror video games actually has a very different effect to what he anticipated. The conclusion here is that what scares one person has a completely reversed result on another.

I think I've long given up much hope of Hetalia: Axis Powers being funny any more, to the point where returning to the series after a relatively long break leaves me scratching my head as to what the point of it is... even for a five minute episode the gags are sparse to non-existent, and I can't really think of any good reason to keep up with it beyond the fact that I'm loathe to give in after over fifty episodes.

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JW said...

I actually forgot about this series.

Oh and fair warning, Kimi ni Todoke serves up a heaping helping of soul-crushing perfection next episode.