Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ladies versus Butlers! - Episode 10

Life never seems to be easy for poor Daichi in this series - When she isn't hiding her true gender from everyone around her, she finds herself the object of the affections of one of the girls at the school, leading to her receiving a love letter and putting her in an awkward position.

Of course, this love letter soon becomes the talk of the school amongst all and sundry, with even Flameheart and Saikyo struggling to feign their disinterest in all of the talk of love as their own feelings creates a tension between the pair of them that you'd be hard-pressed to cut with a heavy-duty knife.

That is, however, something of a story for another day, as much of this episode concentrates on the specifics of Daichi's dilemma - Obviously she has to turn her admirer down, but despite this her servant compatriots aren't exactly a great help as they seem more interested in teaching her all about the nuances of love. In the end it's only Hino who steps forth with anything approaching good advice; advice which not only serves Daichi in good stead, but also leads her to a realisation about her own feelings and who has captured her heart.

You know, it almost feels weird to be saying this, but I'm really warming to Ladies versus Butlers! more by the week at the moment. This episode actually managed to offer up a couple of funny moments and a bundle of likeable characters despite its fan service-laden nature, doing a good job of not allowing one element of the series to ruin the other as it did earlier in its run at times. Again, Hino's nice guy nature is a big help, but somehow even Flameheart and Saikyo's rather clichéd character traits aren't off-putting at all now that this series is entering its business end. I didn't think I'd find myself liking this series at any point when I began watching it, but somehow it's wormed its way into my affections like some kind of cross-dressing butler.

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Chris Martarano said...

Glad to hear you warming up to it :)

I really love the series and really look forward to it each week. Yeah, there's a ton of fanservice, but I really like the characters (particularly Flameheart) and even if it may be thin, I really enjoy the plot and the (possibly?) budding relationship between Hino and Flameheart.

I enjoy a good light series like this every now and then, and I personally have no issue with a little (ok, a lot) nudity in my anime.

That said,I can understand why some might find that off-putting :)