Friday, 5 March 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 9

After building up so many questions and mysteries throughout this series thus far, I suppose it's about time that Durarara!! set out to definitely answer some of those points, and along those lines this ninth episode of the series most certainly delivers.

This time around, our story comes courtesy of Namie Yagiri (of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals), a woman with such a dedication to her brother Seiji that it actually proves to be the focus of a lot of the trouble within this series. The real problems start when a young Namie introduces her even younger brother to a body-less oddity in a jar kept by their uncle - A simple head imported from overseas many years previously, but a simple head that Seiji falls head over heels in love with at first sight.

Of course, by this juncture you've probably twigged exactly who that head belongs to (particularly after the end of the previous instalment), and so this episode really sets the cat amongst the pigeons as Selty's body meets Selty's head before Mikado gets involved in the whole intervening mess - A mess which only looks likely to grow even bigger next time around.

While previous episodes of this series have been a marvel in myriad different ways, this particular instalment of Durarara!! is perhaps the most satisfying in pure plot development terms yet, as it shifts arguably the central storyline of the show into a higher gear in an eminently enjoyable fashion. Not only does the plot move forward apace, but it does so while displaying so many of the elements that have made the series as a whole fascinating - Thus, there are some great moments of comedy on the one hand (and special mention has to go to Seiji Yagiri for his attempts to give Hitagi Senjougahara a run for her money) but moments of an almost uncomfortably dark nature on the other, all woven together within a body of the human condition that feels genuine despite its outlandish premises. In fact, it's that balance of reality and sheer fantasy that really makes Durarara!! stand out, and yet again this particular episode serves as a wonderful and intriguing example of that.


JW said...

I had the urge to spin in my chair and shout "Durarara, Love~!"

It certainly was interesting to see that the head is just as independent as the body. Celty may just have a time trying to convince her head to abandon her new found freedom and go back to galloping across the countryside.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this episode really turns up the speed on plot development. I was really shocked at Seiji's behavior. His sister is screwed up, too.

JELEINEN said...

Yes, the plot really seems to be coming to a head (sorry, couldn't resist). Probably what I liked best was the revelation into Izaya's character and motivations. The go board with othello, chess and shogi pieces was awesome and the fact that he's playing every side (Celty's body, Celty's head, Yagiri Namie, etc.) was great as was his blisssful exclamation at the joy of watching people react.

Mikado keeps turning out to not being the milqutoast guy he seems. It also seems that Shizuo definitely has a thing for Celty. There was also a hint of jealousy from Shinra when he found out that Celty was meeting with Shizuo. I imagine we're going to get a bit of conflict from that direction as well.

We also get confirmation on who the chatters are (didn't notice they were missing from this episode until it was brought up at the end). Izaya obviously, but the others who were too busy to chat were Celty and Mikado.

Anonymous said...

@Jeleinen: "There was also a hint of jealousy from Shinra when he found out that Celty was meeting with Shizuo. I imagine we're going to get a bit of conflict from that direction as well."

I certainly hope so. :D CeltyxShizuo FTW!