Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kimi ni Todoke - Episode 22

With Chizuru's issues more or less resolved last episode, Sawako gets to re-take centre stage in episode twenty-two of Kimi ni Todoke... and just in time for Christmas too.

However, this festive season ends up bringing something of a dilemma for Sawako, as she finds herself torn between spending Christmas with her parents (something that they love to do, largely on account of Sawako's birth being due at that time of year) and a party with her classmates arranged by Kazehaya for all and sundry to attend. In the end, her parents win out simply on account of the fact that she feels that she can't let them down, but it's a decision she finds herself unable to make without holding a plenty of regrets. Eventually all's well that ends well however, as it turns out that Sawako's parents have recognised her need for independence more than even she's realised, and thus she also gets to at least meet Kazehaya and exchange Christmas presents if nothing else.

Despite its pretty simply premise, this is again a genuinely enjoyable episode of that does a nigh-on perfect job of mixing humour and emotion without ever getting too bogged down in one camp or another, and while once again moving Sawako and Kazehaya's relationship forward another small step into the bargain. It seems like this series has gotten better by the week of making the most of even the smallest plot points by playing them out almost perfectly, and despite starting out watching Kimi ni Todoke with little interest in Sawako's life, I now can't help but find myself rooting for her week in, week out, and enjoying every minute as I do so. With only a couple of episodes left to go however, you can't help but wonder how they're going to finish this series.


JW said...

Every parent stares mystified at their teenager at some point. Had my father taken my boyfriend's handmade present, I would have burst into tears and yelled "I hope you like it, you big jerk!!" before leaving him standing bewildered in the hallway.

Apparently, Sawako is immune to hormones. Though her shocked expression is funny when she catches herself fantasizing about her Kazahotness.

DoctorG said...

She’s her own worst enemy, that Sawako, no? She has come a long way in development of social skills, but she still has so far to go – and once again, it’s down to a failure to communicate. All she had to do was ask – her parents are wholly supportive (all right, maybe her father was a tiny bit insensitive, but she has to get her awkwardness from somewhere) and would have been happy to see her go out with friends. But no, she makes herself unhappy and disturbs her parents by over-reacting and imagining obligations. True, we got some humour out of Sawako’s father’s well-meant but unfortunate actions, and a cute conclusion, but we’re running out of time in this series. There’s no way that Sawako is going to be able to enter a believable, viable relationship with Kazehaya (surely the intended end-point) without some significant personality growth on her part.

It would be a twist if she doesn’t make it, and the series leaves the situation hanging – a Kare Kano style ending, just without the complete collapse of the animation quality (which was good again this week – nice snow) and the endless recaps. I hope not – we all like a happy ending - but you would have to admire the fact that it would be a consistent portrayal of a personality type.

Anonymous said...

I would have sooooooo take back Kazehaya's present than go through the embarassment of giving him that stomach thing. >.< Seriously. I would have been like Dad, that's something I made for someone else. Give it back. Other than that, the rest of the episode played out really well and the animation was superb this time! Hopefully, next episode when Chizu and Ayane give Sawako her presents, the gift misunderstanding with Kazehaya will be cleared up and he'll be wearing his hat. It would suck if that didn't happen.

A question I would like to pose:
Why do the Japanese think Christmas is a holiday for lovers?

Especially when there's already Valentine's Day and White Day for lovers.


Skull said...

Anon: For the same reason why Colonel Sanders is closely linked to Christmas. It's Japan. They assimilate everything!