Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ladies versus Butlers! - Episode 9

After Hino's time on summer vacation with Sernia ended with a thank you kiss last time around, it was starting to become pretty obvious that a love triangle was beginning to bubble under Ladies versus Butlers! fan-service filled surface.

Indeed, as this latest episode begins we learn that Tomomi actually saw the kiss in question, and as Sernia beats herself up over why she did that (as if we can't all guess already), so Saikyo decides to take action, inviting Hino out on a date with her the next time he has a day off.

This leaves us with a pretty predictable and clichéd scenario, with Tomomi and Hino spending a day doing all of the usual dating stuff, but with Flameheart in tow spying on them virtually the whole time. Somehow this episode still manages to squeeze plenty of panty shots, boobs and fan service in wherever it can (after what felt like a rather restrained past couple of episodes), but away from all of that the more important question is with regard to Saikyo's true intentions on this occasion, something which it's difficult to really have an accurate gauge of thanks to her near-perfect poker face. Is she taking Hino on a date because she genuinely likes him, or simply as part of her rivalry with Sernia in an attempt to one-up her? Most likely the truth is somewhere in-between, although her expression in this instalment's final scene is perhaps the most telling of all.

Although I've just slagged off this episode slightly for being clichéd, I have to confess that if you can get past the needless breasts and low camera angles coupled with short skirts then this was an undemanding but quite entertaining episode. Again, Hino's likeable nature helps markedly, but there's also something oddly fascinating about watching Tomomi go about her business, and the whole thing managed to at least get a few smiles and even light chuckles out of me in terms of its comedy. It's certainly not ground-breaking stuff, but then again if you're watching Ladies versus Butlers! while expecting ground to be broken then I guess you've been very poorly advised indeed.


kadian1364 said...

That movie scene was absolutely traumatizing. It'll take years of therapy for me to be able to eat donuts or meatballs ever again.

Hanners said...

It's hot! ;p

Anonymous said...

Ok. I REALLY hate to admit it, but I decided to watch the series. Just like you, the only thing that keeps me going is Hino.

The first ep caught me off guard with his EXTREMELY REASONABLE/LIKABLE personality. Usually animes like this lack ANY kind of voice of reason. Everyone is an idiot somehow or another. But the guy who is getting a harem in this series is very very likable. He is SO NORMAL. Any frame with him in it is a worthwhile moment. Unless it's a fanservice moment (which compared to other protagonists of similar anime, he handles exceptionally well). He's a smart talker, but not snobby or arrogant or a narcisist or a weirdo with weird habits and obsessions, and to be honest he doesn't look all that much like a delinquent either.

I usually avoid ecchi so I don't know if its normal, but I hate the whole "bigger boobs are better" motif. Which is directly expressed by Saikyo feeling inferior because of her smaller chest. who cares? people are born different. I know flat chests are a running gag in all slap-stick high school romance animes, but because it's the scheming, sly, super competitive Saikyo we're talking about, to me it felt like the anime was laying down a law.