Sunday, 21 March 2010

ISML 2010 - Aquamarine Period - Round 1

As a bit of a change of pace and for something a little different for this 'Blog, I figured I'd chart my voting progress for the International Saimoe Leage 2010 - In other words, a posh way of voting for which female anime characters you like in the hope that you aren't the only one who gives two hoots about them. Today was the first non-preliminary round of voting, and here are my choices for the day - You can see my choices highlighted in blue, while those I eschewed are not, and any abstentions are shown up in red.

Just don't hate me for my choices!

ARENA 01: [Shana] Fate Testarossa

ARENA 02: [Fujibayashi Kyō] Ikaros

ARENA 03: Shiina Minatsu [Holo]

ARENA 04: [Sakurano Kurimu] Takamachi Nanoha

ARENA 05: [Asahina Mikuru] Konjiki no Yami

ARENA 06: [Shiina Mafuyu] Aisaka Taiga

ARENA 07: [Sakagami Tomoyo] Katsura Hinagiku

ARENA 08: Tōsaka Rin [Abstained] Maria

ARENA 09: [Izumi Konata] Akaba Chizuru

ARENA 10: C.C. [Hirasawa Yui]

ARENA 11: Nagato Yuki [Senjōgahara Hitagi]

ARENA 12: [Akiyama Mio] Sanzen'in Nagi

ARENA 13: Illyasviel von Einzbern [Abstained] Furude Hanyū

ARENA 14: [Suzumiya Haruhi] Saber

ARENA 15: [Haramura Nodoka] Fujibayashi Ryō

ARENA 16: [Kushieda Minori] Okazaki Ushio

ARENA 17: [Sengoku Nadeko] Furukawa Nagisa

ARENA 18: Hirasawa Ui [Fukuji Mihoko]

ARENA 19: [Hiiragi Tsukasa] Ibuki Fūko

ARENA 20: Nymph [Minami Chiaki]

ARENA 21: Furude Rika [Saten Ruiko]

ARENA 22: [Nakano Azusa] Ichinose Kotomi

ARENA 23: [Misaka Mikoto] Hiiragi Kagami

ARENA 24: [Kawashima Ami] Sunohara Mei

ARENA 25: Saginomiya Isumi [Louise Vallière]

ARENA 26: Akeno Mihoshi [Abstained] Noda Megumi


maglor said...

Thank you for voting for Sakagami Tomoyo. Saquagami for Aqua!

JW said...

How dare you vote against C.C. ;(

Hanners said...

That was a tough one - I almost abstained because I was so torn between them, but Yui won out in the end.

ジョン said...

lol, how dare you vote against Yuki!

Chris Martarano said...

Holo! <3
Good choice :D

Kexiu said...

What!? Nagisa lost!? Has Clannad done nothing for you?

Hanners said...

Oh, I like Clannad... I just spent the entire series wishing Tomoya had ended up with Tomoyo or Kyou instead. ;)

Kexiu said...

and thus the OVAs...

Hanners said...

Indeed, but a single episode doesn't do either of those girls justice, good though the Tomoyo After OVA in particular was.