Sunday, 28 March 2010

Darker than BLACK II OVA - Episode 2

As we join this second episode of Darker than BLACK's Gaiden OVA, so we also rejoin Hei and Yin as they continue their attempt to escape from their seemingly numerous pursuers, who remain on their tale even though they've succeeded in leaving the mainland and making it to Hong Kong.

As Hei involves himself with the kind of shady dealings that they need to survive and goes on the hunt for fake passports for the pair of them, so Yin's behaviour takes a decidedly odd turn, with the normally lifeless Doll speaking up in rather scathing terms about Hei's plan one minute, before being unable to remember any of the conversation she's just had minutes later.

This is a set of circumstances which repeat themselves throughout the episode, as Yin concocts a plan involving releasing rumours that she is to be sold to draw the parties interested in her out of hiding so that Hei can go on the attack for once. As you might expect, this involves going toe-to-toe with the usual band of dangerous contractors, in a situation which slowly starts to unveil exactly what is going on with Yin in a fashion which begins to bind this OVA with the major storylines of Ryuusei no Gemini.

Certainly, this second episode of the Gaiden OVA is once again everything we've come to expect, know and love about Darker Than BLACK - The world of contractors and dolls is as fascinating as ever, the action is razor-sharp and fantastic to watch, and the twists and turns on show here are looking set to be a great intermediary between the two full series of Darker Than BLACK, to the point where I can't help but feel that watching this OVA first would have made Ryuusei no Gemini a more enjoyable experience. Regardless, with the usual set of crazy yet cool contractor powers being showcased and the relationship between Hei and Yin proving to be more fascinating than ever, this is great stuff.


KINGRPG said...

I like this Anime. Thank you for share very much.

ahchiew said...

This ep really spices things up. The changes that happens to Yin....... great anime. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I loved watching the dark personality emerging from Yin. She appears to be kinda scary and vicious in this episode.