Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ladies versus Butlers! - Episode 11

The love triangle between Hino, Flameheart and Saikyou was left well and truly established by the end of the last episode, leaving this penultimate episode and next week's instalment to (hopefully) reveal the eventual winner of the male lead's affections.

While Sernia and Tomomi are already facing off against one another in as direct a way as they can without admitting their own feelings, things only become more complicated as Hino comes into possession of a pair of tickets two a water park - So, just who is he going to take with him? Luckily (or unfortunately, you could argue), just as this argument is becoming even more heated, the school principle announces a school festival out of the blue. What better way for this series to deliver a metric tonne of fan service... err, sorry, I mean what better way to decide which of these two girls gets to go to the park with Hino?

The trouble is, it's hard to keep a secret on campus, and before we know it everyone is clamouring over the grand prize of a day with Hino - Understandable in some cases, but rather odd comparing how many girls at the school supposedly live in fear of him. Anyhow, never mind all that, because there's little in the way of plot to concern yourself with for the rest of the episode - Aside from stoking the fires between Saikyou and Flameheart on occasion, the sports festival itself is (as you can probably imagine) a carnival of bouncing breasts, accidental exposure, under-aged looking girls taking overly large sausages into their mouth (I'm not making this up you know), and other perversions of a simple school sports day that you perhaps never thought possible.

Having almost forgotten that Ladies versus Butlers! is first and foremost a fan service show in recent weeks, my selective amnesia was certainly brought to an end with a bump here... or rather a lot of bumps as it happens, all jiggling seductively within gym shorts and shirts. Yet, here am I wishing that they'd done more to move forward with the plot and the love triangle rather than tantalising us with a cliff-hanger for the final episode, revelling in the few genuinely funny moments provided by this instalment while paying little heed to the rest. Still, despite all this I can't wait to see how the series ends deep down, complete with the probably vain hope that it'll all end perfectly happy for Hino, one of the best male leads I've ever seen in any harem anime.

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Nightfire said...

I agree that this was a bit of a let down, but the most annoying thing by far this episode was the principal, or rather her voice. I really hope next week makes up for it.