Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 52

At last, the second season of Hetalia: Axis Powers comes to a close... Just in time for a third series to begin in a couple of weeks or so. Will this thing never end?

This particular instalment begins with another chapter in the relationship between the Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia (and you thought you'd seen the back of this particular storyline), as the former frolics naked in the water with his dog, but blanches at the thought of being seen naked by Chibitalia on account of the on-going (and perfectly understandable) gender confusion surrounding said representation of country.

Away from that, we get a brief glimpse of America enjoying all things Japanese to an exaggerated degree (as well he might), while Canada is still suffering from being mistaken for America on a regular basis, not least by Cuba, which is probably not the most pleasant experience it's fair to say.

So, that's this season of Hetalia over officially speaking, which means that we'll soon be launching into yet another season of this series. Considering they already seem to have well and truly run out of ideas for this show months ago, I can't even begin to comprehend how they intend on filling up another twenty-six episodes, but I guess we'll begin to find out soon enough. Let's just hope someone provides them with a new barrel of content so that they can stop scraping the bottom of the current one.

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Anonymous said...

I'm honestly not sure if I can keep watching this show. I did hear that the third series is to be considered a separate entity from the first two, so I will tune in to see if it's improving, and if not, just forget about it.

The show would work so much better if they just chronologically followed history from the end of World War 1 through to the end of World War 2, in my opinion. I was actually under the impression that this is what the show would be doing in the beginning.