Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hidamari Sketch x☆☆☆ - Episode 8

I think it's fair to say that only Hidamari Sketch would even consider dedicating half an episode to crab fried rice, let alone succeeding in pulling it off in the show's usual style of understated comic genius.

If nothing else, this particular sub-episode shows us just how well Nori has settled into Hidamari Apartments, as she becomes incredibly passionate about the aforementioned crab fried rice being served up as part of a Chinese event at Yamabuki High. With only one day left of the week's Chinese menu, Miyako and Yunnochi swear to sample this delicacy before it's lost forever to the ravages of time and memory. However (and in no small part due to Miyako's incredible collection of starfish facts), Yunnochi ends up working on late in class to finish her assignment, and as Miyako decides to wait for her their after-school canteen visit ends in almost inevitable disappointment. Thank goodness then for Hiro's culinary skills, and her easily swayed nature when it comes to receiving compliments.

This instalment's second sub-episode brings us to some familiar territory, as we once again see Yuno's worrying nature and lack of self-confidence exposed thanks to a school-wide sketching test which involves a number of difficult to draw subjects. After a sleepless night of angst, things end up going far from well for poor Yuno, although after what seems like a hugely depressing day she at last finds herself reminded of her passion for art even in the face of adversity as she sees and hears Sae suffering for her own talent. After all, it just wouldn't be Hidamari Sketch without a happy ending, right?

After a couple of episodes that I would hesitate to call "weak" so much as "less funny", Hoshimittsu seems back to its best with this episode. As per usual, it's Miyako who grabs all of the best lines and gags, occasionally to hilarious effect, but Hiro also puts in some particularly amusing turns this time around while the gang as a whole manage to keep that eternal warm and fuzzy feeling that this franchise brings burning brightly once again.

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