Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - Episode 17

After finding themselves stranded yet again, orbiting Jupiter this time, it isn't long (mere seconds in fact) before the action kicks off again in episode seventeen of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, with Leopard once again left falling towards the surface of a planet, as he so often seems to end up doing in this series.

The trouble is, on this occasion Leopard wants nothing to do with his Brain colony, and with the rest of the gang out of ideas its the turn of Sakura Shishidou's hat to take the incentive. No, I'm not kidding, and as a deus ex machina of sorts, it turns out that Sakura's headwear is in fact a rather smart alient named Yupitan, who saves the day by putting Benkei in charge of steering Leopard's colony out of danger, while Akiha and company have to put their QT-Arms to good use finishing the job. In a further fortunate turn of events, Yupitan also points the crew towards an abandoned space station orbiting Jupiter which can provide them with all the energy required to hyperjump back to where they need to be - Once again though, Leopard's brush with Existence and subsequent mental trauma has left him straight-out refusing to "drive", meaning that Benkei has to take the proverbial wheel again.

Away from Leopard's colony, some of the surviving and "unboxed" students are still trying to escape from Kirkwood while Nami tries to wind them up, but more importantly it appears that Nerval has finally found where the refugees from this colony are hiding, putting them in grave danger and setting us up for some important (and no doubt action packed moments) in the next episode. After a slow episode sixteen, this latest instalment is right back to where it should be, and I'm actually finding myself rather hyper up for the next episode in particular, which promises to be a potential cracker. Who can tell when it comes to this fun little series though?

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CH Makoto said...

I have a question. In Akiha's dreams they generally start with a jazzing piano cut, which I almost think I know. Does anyone know if it's from the real world and if so what its title is?