Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 18

Episode eighteen of Hetalia: Axis Powers could probably be subtitled "How to cut animation costs", succeeding as it does to use almost exactly the same scenes twice (and in some places three times) effortlessly. Thankfully, that doesn't actually detract from the fact that this was a pretty funny episode in terms of this particular series.

With Germany, Japan and Italy stranded on a beach (sorry, that sounds like the beginning of a dirty joke), they find themselves surrounded by the Allies, who seem to have treated the fight as something akin to Pokemon, but never mind. This actually gives us a rare action scene for this series... Twice as it happens, as China is sent into to do his worst to those dastardly Axis characters whilst wielding some kind of frying pan.

However, in a surreal and frankly rather funny twist, their efforts are put to an end by the appearance of a giant Roman Empire, who regales all and sundry with a ridiuclous song which sends the Allies into retreat. Twice. Well, it made me laugh anyway, although I really have no idea what that song was all about. Pretty funny stuff in its own random way.


Anonymous said...

It's a wok!~

Anonymous said...

Actually, the two songs sung by Grandpa Rome are based off of a couple of small doodles that displayed what heaven/hell would be like, Hetalia style.

In heaven, French would be cooks, Italians would be lovers, etc. while in hell, Swiss would be lovers and French would be engineers, etc.

Just another one of the series' endless in-jokes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the little song isn't a Hetalia in-joke, but more a (relatively, vaguely) common. A fair amount of hits pop up in google, and I'd definitely heard it before Hetalia.

Still... Hearing it sung by Grandpa Rome... It's hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness.

"Actually, the little song isn't a Hetalia in-joke, but more a (relatively, vaguely) common joke." was what that should have said.