Monday, 4 May 2009

Basquash! - Episode 5

Princess Flora's mysterious connection to the basketball-based goings-on the street has been ticking along in the background for a few episodes now, but in the latest instalment of Basquash! (which finally gets its name explained this time around incidentally) that connection turns into action on her part, as she sneaks out of her palace and hits the streets of the city, complete with all of the dangers that entails, in search of what is calling out to her.

Meanwhile, the one-on-one-on-one between Dunk Mask, Sela and Iceman Hotty has once again blazed a trail for street basketball in the city, with teams springing up all over the place. This leads to the formation of numerous three-on-three teams, with rules drawn up by those involved as time goes on as per any new sport early in its development. Dunk Mask is too pissed off about his last match-up being cancelled due to a need to escape from the police, but Haruka (who certainly seems to be warming to her position of promoter) eventually wins him over to take on "The Worst" alongside Sela and Iceman Hotty in a three-on-three game - Or rather, further improvements to Dan's Bigfoot and that naturalisation of its control system for playing basketball renews his interest, while he also sees it as a way to win over his sister, who still seems to be far from best pleased with him.

Compared to some series of this ilk, Basquash! certainly seems to be quite determined to keep the evolution of the show at a constant pace, with each instalment seeing new developments in street basketball to shake up the playing field - In this case, it even goes so far as turning former rivals into comrades, something which happens without question (aside from on Dan's part of course) as per any sport. That musing aside, Basquash! continues to be heaps of fun above all else, a colourful and fast moving object on the weekly horizon that continues to be irresistable. It appears that episode six will introduce yet more new elements to the show, with the Moon's importance taking the stage while Princess Flora's contribution is still entirely unknown - I hope the addition of these elements won't spoilt the simple yet addictive, in your face attitude of the series so far - Who knows, maybe it needs to start focusing in a grander direction with a more cogent, long and winding plot to centre upon? It worked for Eureka Seven (which is still its closest cousin in anime terms as far as I'm concerned), but then again as of right now I'm not sure that it has the right elements in place to make that leap. I watch and wait for the next episode with the bated breath of anticipation...

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Ojisan said...

Hmmm - not my usual thing, but I may give it a try. I liked the first six episodes of Gurren Laagan till it went all Gainangst, & this looks like similar fun -