Monday, 25 May 2009

Basquash! - Episode 8

Dunk Mask and company may be on the run after their shenanigans which pretty much put paid to Open City Basketball last episode, but as far as Haruka is concerned that's all part of the business plan as they take to the road looking for new matches to particpate in. Little do they realise that Princess Flora is following close behind, keen to join them on their travels.

Flora eventually ends up managing to meet Dan and company, althoug hardly in optimal circumstances, being knocked unconscious by some escaping Basquash players who had had enough of Iceman Hotty's "over-zealous" style of play.

It's this issue which makes up the crux of the remainder of the episode, as Iceman runs into some of his former team-mates who have a score to settle with him, finally giving Haruka the chance to arrange the match she had been so desperate to secure. Once again though, Iceman Hotty's behaviour threatens to destroy everything both figuratively and literally - Just what is he playing at? Despite the guy being clearly unstable, it seems that not everything he does is impenetrably insane.

All things considered, I think this may well have been the best episode of Basquash! so far - It was frequently funny throughout, and there was plenty of Basquash action to enjoy throughout the second half of the episode - What's not to like? Aside from Iceman Hotty, Princess Flora is also proving to be more and more of an enigmatic presence, but the inter-relationships and verbal jousting between various characters is highly entertaining even without this. Once again the visual aesthetic and top-notch animation of the series serves as a cherry on the top of this hugely enjoyable show that seems to be really finding its groove again at the moment.

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