Monday, 4 May 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 14

After its six-month fast forward, episode thirteen may be unlucky for some but it certainly wasn't for Kurokami, bringing us a rip-roaring episode that culminated in Keita's "resurrection". However, Kuro and company are still pretty down on their luck, and despite the defection of a handful of Noble One members after the main group defected to join the Kaionji group, this episode finds them hiding out in the flooded part of the city.

Meanwhile, Sawamura continues to look to feather his nest, with his impending marriage seeing him promoted to vice-president of the Kaionji group. For a while it looks as though this might hit the rails as the President's siblings consider revolting against it, but using his savvy this plot is soon put paid to, leaving the path clear for Sawamura's promotion.

At least, the path would be clear if it wasn't for a Keita-led invasion of the party packed with Master Roots to celebrate the event, as the defected Noble One members lend their powers while Keita and Kuro look for their real target, Akane, in an attempt to rescue her. However, someone gets to her first, which could well have dire consequences for her future regardless of her status as a Root.

Generic action series though this may be in many sense, Kurokami really is warming up since we've entered the second half of the series, with tighter plotting and action really helping to make for a far more enjoyable viewing experience. It's almost as though a new team of writers have taken over, valuing simplicity and faster pacing over the occasionally plotting and needlessly complex first half. In short, Kurokami is becoming far more like the series I expected it to be when I started watching, and it's all the better for it. Mindless fun, maybe, but there's nothing wrong with that if it's done well enough.

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