Sunday, 3 May 2009

Saki - Episode 5

Saki and company's preparation for the prefectural qualifying tournament continues apace in the fifth instalment of Saki, and predictably in manages to take in two of the staple diet elements of an anime series of this nature, in the form of both a training camp and a hot springs episode.

There's not really a lot else to say about this episode in all honesty - The club president does her best to train her young charges according to their current weaknesses while playing, and both Nodoka and Yuuki get their moments in the fan service spotlight to boot (with the latter in particularly seeming to really struggle with staying decent in a yukata).

If nothing else, this episode does its bit to build up friendships all around within the club, but considering that most of these friendships already seemed to be pretty well established this made for a pretty uneventful and unspectacular episode that arguably bordered on filler beyond introducing us to the weaknesses of the various players on the team. Still, at least this brings us to the brink of the start of the tournament, and considering how I've been enjoying the Mahjong action showcased by this series above all else in previous episodes, there's hope for some more interesting and fun times ahead when it comes to watching this series.

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Detective Kitty said...

Honestly when the term "training camp" came i was thinking something along the lines of a hall full of expert mahjong players and a face off between tehm and the members of the club, sadly I was guite dissappointed. I did not understand the point of the hotsprings either. Why they went to one to train for a mahjong tournament is a question i would like a lot to ask them.