Sunday, 10 May 2009

Basquash! - Episode 6

The end of the last episode put Dunk Mask back in place as a true living legend thanks to his performance in the three-on-three game arranged by Haruka, coining the name Basquash in the process, but as always with these things the life of a legend all becomes rather dull after the fact.

Indeed, both Dan and Sela seem to be struggling to return to normality after that exciting evening, with Dan having little interest in his delivery job (not helped by the town crawling with police after the whole incident) while Sela is distracted in, errr.... "other" ways. Away from these distracted figures however, some interesting characters who most certainly aren't locals seem to be roaming around the place....

It's the appearance of these individuals that mean curtains for Haruka's plans, as one of these people turns out to be James Loan, a basketball legend (with a spherical fetish) in his own right, and now a lifetime president of the Moon's sports culture development commitee. It's James that snatches Basquash from under Haruka's nose, renaming it Open City Basketball in the process and setting up auditions to try and snag the best players for a new league. The timing couldn't be much better either, with Dan finding himself up against a new rival, a former Bigfoot Basketball player named Falcon, and a man who himself appears to have some scores to settle with Iceman Hotty. Regardless, Open City Basketball has clearly caught the imagination of many, including a certain Princess Flora, who ends up training to take part under the watchful eye of Coco.

Despite its seeming randomness, Basquash! continues on at its highly regemented pace, as by the end of this episode we have yet new challenges set up for Dan to overcome while also putting him back on his path towards the Moon. Meanwhille, I continue to have exactly zero clue what the whole Princess Flora aspect of the plot is all about, but then again Basquash! is one of those rare series where I actually don't mind about not understanding the minutiae of the plot - When you're just enjoying the fast-paced, slightly ridiculous in your face essence of it all, such triflings soon take a back seat. Of course, that isn't to say that this series doesn't need to keep its storyline in check, but right now it continues to work well purely on the basis of being fun, and that's plenty good enough for me for the time being.

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