Sunday, 24 May 2009

Saki - Episode 8

After getting their first game out of the way and setting the girls off to a winning start in their opener, I was looking forward to a quick leap forward to their next match to decide whether Kiyosumi can grab a place in the National finals.

Well, so much for that idea. I have no idea how any series can make an entire episode out of going home after a day at the tournament... Oh wait, yes I do, it's called filler, and episode eight of Saki is nothing if not full of filler. Beyond some brief forays into the Mahjong playing history of a couple of characters (most notably Nodoka) I can't really think of anything of much importance that was revealed here, and certainly nothing that justified an entire episode to itself. This instead left us with a rather dull instalment that was almost painful in the way it tried to drag things out with little to show for its running time.

Perhaps I'm just sore not have actually seen any Mahjong played here (as I've mentioned several times before I've found those sections to be surprisingly exciting), but to my eyes this seemed like pretty much the worst kind of filler, which served as nothing more than a big noticeboard that says "Hey, the important stuff is next episode, so come back next week". The contents of that noticeboard has been duly noted, and I'll certainly be looking forward to a return to the action next time around, but said noticeboard has no right to needlessly take up twenty minutes of my Sunday if you ask me.

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Detective Kitty said...

It wasn't exactly a filler because that's actually how the manga goes except that that was one page in tha manga so i guess it can be interpreted as a filler.