Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 17

After its big old deus ex machina moment last episode, linking together Kuro and Keita's Tera into some infinite loop, things only got even weirder as every non-Mototsumita or contractee passed out, seeing their Tera drained away by the reappearance of the Holy Land and, of course, Kuro's home.

Despite Keita's concerns about Akane's safety, and despite Yakumo's own injuries, both parties follow Kuro to the Holy Land in an attempt to investigate what's going on. Inevitably, this means the reappearance of some old faces which we probably weren't supposed to be expecting, but it was always pretty clear that they'd come back at some juncture, and this appears to be that time.

However, along the way they run across Nam, a Mototsumita assigned only to record history (which sounds like a pretty cushy job to me), and it is she that acts as narrator somewhat as we're given the full "creation story" of both humans and Mototsumita, right the way through to the advent of the Doppeliner system whichi turns out to be more about a curse than control. In short, the "God" of this world is named Masagami, and it is he who is locked away in the Holy Land, sparking a free-for-all amongst less desirable elements who wants his powers now that all Hell has broken lose in the world.

Thankfully, the quasi-religious stuff is soon knocked off as we get around to dealing with those aforementioned less desirable elements, courtesy of some more grandstanding action sequences - Not the best that this series has offered admittedly, but pretty entertaining in all fairness. While the religious angle doesn't really do much for Kurokami (aside from making the show's title make a little more sense), and while this isn't the best the show has given us in recent weeks (including in animation terms, with a bit of a drop in quality here), it does at least keep up the tradition held by the second half of this series of proving to be far more interesting and watchable than the first half dozen episodes. With all these returning characters too, there's doubtless going to be some big set pieces on the way in action terms too.

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