Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 15

The Kurokami is coming thick and fast at the moment (mainly because I've fallen slightly behind with watching it), but that isn't necessarily a bad thing now we're into the second half of the series and the quality has most definitely increased.

The last episode left Akane in a tight spot, on the brink of being killed by her substitute Yuki for her own ends and survival. Somehow she manages to bide time by showing her sensitive and emotional side, leaving Yuki wavering about what to do long enough for Sawamura to show up and put paid to her plan.

Meanwhile, the real action is downstairs, with first Yakumo and then Keita and Kuro coming up against a former member of the Lion God tribe with a Hellishly powerful Mototsumita at his disposal. If this wasn't bad enough, Kuro's ability to syncronise is misfiring as she spends far too much time worrying about Keita, albeit subconsciously. That leaves it up to Keita himself to save the day, although it isn't enough to prise Yuki from her inevitable fate having met her Root, a fate which is appears that Keita may have to face up to himself soon enough...

Okay, so Kurokami may be somewhat predictable in its story structure aside from the odd twist here and there, but there can be little doubt that it's become infinitely more entertaining as soon as we hit the second half of the series and the story hit its stride. Even Keita, who frustrated me so much in the early episodes of the series, has now developed into a pretty well-rounded protagonist (perhaps to be replaced by Akane in the whiny "life isn't fair" stakes), and that coupled with the general uptick in both pacing and action has really injencted some life into this series, a life which shows little sign of being extinguished again at present.

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So did Akane die then?