Sunday, 3 May 2009

Natsu no Arashi - Episode 5

I've been dropping hints about Jun for the last couple of this series, but finally in episode five we see "his" secret revealed... To the viewer, at least.

In fact, all in all you can well and truly say that Jun is having a bad day - First, she oversleeps and ends up late for work, before getting caught changing by Arashi and Hajime as they return from a brief trip through time. Next thing she knows, she's managed to drown herself in milk, and the only clothes left to change into is a female uniform - Oh, the ignomony! Another accident later and she ends up in a maid's outfit, closely followed by the rest of the staff of the Ark, and thus giving the animators a chance to show off all of the girls in their maid outfits. Mind you, this is nothing compared to what we get to see from Jun herself, thanks to some not particularly well-time leaf-based censorship. Still, we may now know her secret, but it has to be said that Jun most certainly doesn't punch like a girl...

After the time travelling aspect of this series was given relatively short shrift last time around, it actually gets no screen time at all in episode five, concentrating instead on Jun's predicament. While this makes for a pretty run-of-the-mill episode in many ways, it made for a fun little number, and there's something oddly likeable about Jun's character even though I really can't fathom why she started up the secret about her gender in the first place. Oh well, maybe that'll be revealed later on I suppose. Personally though, I'm still hoping for more instalments of Natsu no Arashi like episode three, which blended the modern day and time travelling stuff so well, but at the moment the series seems to content to remain in the present and just have some fun with its settings and characters, and in fairness I can't really begrudge it that.

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*amazing* yet really underrated series.