Monday, 2 March 2009

White Album - Episode 9

By the end of the last episode of White Album, I was all but spewing forth my hatred of Touya as we watched him become the kind of person that I can't help but loathe. However, in the name of balanced journalism (yeah, right) I took a deep breath before undertaking episode nine of the series, determined to give the poor guy a second hearing.

Well, so much for that idea, as if anything he wound me up even more in this instalment. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself - After working tirelessly night and day on those wretched costumes, inevitably Misaki takes them to a dress rehearsal only to have them summarily rejected. At this point, any normal human being would make loud and liberal use of the phrase "Fuck you" and walk away, but not Misaki - She takes the costumes away to change them, getting rid of the "overly colourful" look they originally agreed upon. To be honest I'm not sure whether to admire her for her dedication or shake my head at her naivety, but I'm certainly tending towards the latter.

Anyway, once again Touya (and even his Dad this time) is dragged into helping with the alterations, and after another all-nighter they get the job done. Again. So, off they set to go and watch the final play being performed, the culmination of all this hard work, and at this point Touya proves to be the most spineless moron on the face of the planet. All he and Misaki want are some tickets to watch the show, but the guy in charge of the drama club won't let them both have one, so what does Touya do? Does he get angry? Does he shout and make a scene? Does he berate the asshole in front of him? No. He tries to placate everybody in each and every way he can think of, which impresses nobody and gets him nowhere.

With that avenue closed, Misaki takes Touya up to a hidden area from which they can watch the play, but the physical obstacles in their way mean that they can't make it, so they sit and simply listen to what's going on instead. So comes Touya's moment of stupidity number two - One minute asking Misaki how she feels about Akira, then kissing her, then apologising, then confessing to her, then crying like a girl. Well, good - You should be bloody well crying you yellow-bellied asshole. Not that Misaki is much better, confessing her love to Touya herself before saying it was all a lie and that she simply used him to her costumes done (the last point of which is true in a sense, which probably means that this unlikeable pairing are made for each other).

Meanwhile, Yuki is left hanging by Touya some more, as is Haruka to some extent, Mana considers kissing a sleeping Touya for a moment (don't do it! You'll catch something), and Rina disappointingly doesn't appear at all.

I suppose I have to give White Album kudos for getting my emotions all wound up like this to the point of swearing on my 'Blog - It must be doing something right, it is a drama after all. Regardless, Touya is going to take some catching as 2009's least lovable anime character - Move over Itazura na Kiss' Irie Naoki, there's a new moron in town.


AstroNerdBoy said...

Yeah, Touya is pretty worthless. I've remarked in my forthcoming blog entry that I really don't see how any of the girls are remotely attracted to Touya. Completely boggles the mind and for my money, there needs to be a logical reason for a group of girls to be interested in a single guy to make it work (whether a comedy harem title or a serious one like this).

Kexiu said...

I didn't understand episode nine very clearly thats why I came and read this, firstly why did Touya confess to Misaki when he likes Yuki? and he KNOWS Akira likes Misaki so why would he still confess to her, I personally think the role of Misaki liking Touya was reversed in this episode, Also Misaki doesn't seem like the type of person who would "use people".

This episode really did annoy me because its full of suprising turns of personality in the characters, Misaki IS NOT LIKE THAT. And what is with the twist at the end where Akira shows up??

I think you gave Touya far too little credit, I do admit his actions were slighly shocking however he seems to me like someone who always maintains a passive personality.

dingmajiao said...


what i think:
one.. touya did like her.. yes.. but not as much as he likes yuki.. and due to the recent distancing of him and yuki while his feelings for misaki grows due to the making of the costume..

then the confession and he couldnt take it.. and somewhat confessed for the sake too..

misaki knows its a lie.. and because of that lie to touya that it is a lie.. she is not lying.. she does like touya.. but faked so that touya wont get the real understanding that she does like touya.. (thought it was obvious that misaki is lying that he is using touya?)
akira was probably there because he loves her.. and since touya was rejected away sadly by misaki despite misaki wanting him, akira was there to pick her up and misaki said "punishment" for the final chapter which i believe is punishment for all the lies and bad things(rmb the phone) she told to yuki, touya and etc.. and that punishiment is to have to accept akira.. even though she doesnt like him

to me.. white album has been good.. not really that understandable.. but not really that easy to grasp.. and all i've is my own personal views.. touya is a good character.. the part where u can fall in love with many girls at one time is true.. many such situation happened in real life be4.. so i think they've done well..

though i just cant believe touya's luck.. he's not that good looking seriously..

Kexiu said...

Haha, amusing last statement!
Thanks! now I have greater understanding of that episode, though it is very confusing as you read it (not that I could have worded it better my self).

I guess that episode was unique to all the ealier ones because of the deceit and lies, which I think the author used to provide contrast (Just my opinion).

But yes, after reading your theory a second time I think you are right.