Monday, 30 March 2009

White Album - Episode 13

White Album's first half concludes with concert footage aplenty, as Yuki, Rina and... those other girls whose names escape me, compete to get bums on seats. Who will win? Never mind that, what stupid things will Touya do this episode?

Of course, the concert itself goes swimmingly for both Yuki and Rina, with the latter pulling off a fantastic stunt which allows her to sing live at both venues she had booked up in front of their respective audiences - If only she's had an eighteen inch Stonehenge replica to sing in front of. I did find myself feeling sorry for Yuki's backing band however, forced to perform behind a curtain as though they were at some kind of Gorillaz gig.

Anyhow, the gig over and Touya finally gets to meet Yuki backstage, yet he says very little and doesn't even respond to Yuki telling him that she loves him - Come on man, wake up a little! Still, at least after all that he appears to have a little fight in him, ignoring Eiji's attempts to dissuade him from seeing Yuki any more and actually properly pushing away Yayoi's advances for once.

For all the goodness of this appearance of a "new, improved" Touya, it doesn't actually seem to do him much good - He finds Mana on his doorstep waiting for him with a fever, and after Yayoi's dropped by to take her home Haruka visits and gets entirely the wrong idea, running away in tears at the thought that her best friend/wannabe boyfriend is a loli lover. As if that wasn't bad enough, Touya's father has collapsed... In fact, didn't he collapse about four episodes ago and they only just found him? To top it all, Misaki runs over Haruka's bike - Insert joke about women drivers here, because I'm certainly not doing it, I value my life too greatly.

It's a little difficult to sum up White Album really, considering we're now going to have to wait six months before we get to see its second half - Still, it has been a pretty entertaining series which has served up plenty of drama, even if its protagonist has been a loathesome waste of space for much of it. Yuki has also been a bit of a damp squib too, leaving Rina and Mana to at least offer up some action and a little agression in the series. I'll probably have forgotten all of this by the time episode fourteen rolls around however, leaving me shocked once again when Touya does a bunch of stupid things to annoy me.


Kexiu said...

Ahaha, I loved that review, nice job! you have to admit your softening a bit to White Album, I'm also surprised you didn't comment on the climax of this Episode, because that was the part that got me pondering the most.
By the way, when you say loli lover, you do mean Lolicon (lolita complex)right? lol don't worry, I just thought of something weird... Anyways I'm really starting to get used to your humour. Heres something coincidential - when you said something about women drivers I instantly thought of a video I watched only an hour ago it is SOOOO funny!

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