Monday, 23 March 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 11

Just before his Terra-deficient collapse last episode, Keita saw a face that he recognised, and so episode eleven of Kurokami focuses very much on this particular reunion.

The person in question is Sawamura, a person from Keita's school days who he believed to be dead, but who had in fact assumed a new identity after the death of one of his "subs", working for Reishin to achieve his goals. However, or at least according the spiel he affords Keita, he disagrees with Reishin's aims, and is instead looking for his own way to control the Doppeliner system.

After a pretty long segment which flashes back to the relationship at school between Keita and Sawamura (which seemed to be largely focused on telling us how much of an arrogant douchebag the latter is), we get to see Akane finally confess her feeelings to Keita, who seems to accept the whole thing with the kind of wide-eyed wonder you might expect from a sheltered kid who has just noticed the existence of breasts. That aside, Reishin opens up a path to the Holy Land, with Kuro determined to stop him from going any further, as both her and Keita make their way to said island while Akane is left in what soon transpires to be a highly dangerous situation...

Unusually for this series we're left with an action-free instalment here, concentrating instead on building the story - Something that it does well enough without offering anything spectacular. The flashback sequence featuring Keita and Sawamura seemed to be a little contrived however, taking away any vague semblance of surprise regarding his actions at the end of the episode on account of him being portrayed as not a very nice chap deep down in these schoolday segments. If nothing else, at least Kurokami has found its way to some extent again, after threatening to dissolve into a mess of Keita-centric angst and misery for a few episodes.

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