Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - Episode 12

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo has proved to be many things during its run so far, but one thing we haven't had up until this point is an episode quite as all-out action-packed as this one. Quite simply, episode twelve of the series is a sprint from start to finish, grabbing us by the collar and transporting us at breakneck speed through its goings-on.

Of course, at the end of the last episode we were left with Leopard seemingly on the brink of catching the mysterious mirror thief, which is of course related to Nerval and turns out to be another colony. Whatever would said colony want with all those mirrors though? We soon find out when this thieving colony, Benkei (formerly known as Bonapart apparently), uses it to turn Leopard's cannon against him, while also using the surplus energy stored from said attack to assist in making sure that all Hell breaks lose.

So, by the second half of this episode we're left with Leopard falling towards Earth (not for the first time this series), and the human colony captured by Nerval's associates. What does this all mean? Where do things go from here? As usual with this show, I really have no idea whatsoever.

Thankfully though, after an episode like this I don't much care, for this instalment was a great deal of fun to watch. There's something eminently cool about seeing a battle between two vast spacecraft as we did between Leopard and Benkei (with some pretty nice CG truth be told), and all the non-stop action doesn't really give you much time to sit back and ponder what all this nonsense is about in the first place. This episode still found time to throw in some good lines from Leopard (and a good hat too), just to keep the amusement factor in there to boot. After an auspicious start it has to be said that this series is improving - It's still very much an oddity in many ways, but I can't help but enjoy watching it more and more.

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