Sunday, 1 March 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 8

If ever a moment summed up Keita's schizophrenic personality, it's the opening scene of this episode of Kurokami. For a few seconds, he thinks "Oh goodie, a holiday in Okinawa", and then just seconds later his face drops into his more typical "Oh woe is me, what burdens I carry" expression. Still, the good news is that he gets kicked and almost hung in this episode, so if ever there was a reason to watch this episode that is probably it.

Anyway, Kuro and company finally make it to Okinawa, but unfortunately they seem to have booked their little trip to clash with an outing of Master Roots to the exact same location, where these special beings are being concentrated to assist with finding the nearest Holy Stone (while also being subjected to death by Powerpoint presentations by the look of it).

In the meantime, Keita pays his grandfather a visit, a man who just happens to be a martial arts expert of some kind, meaning that he's going to either a. Train Keita and/or Kuro, b. Betray them or c. Die horribly within the next episode or two trying to protect them. Place your bets people. That aside, Keita and Kuro meet Okinawa's resident Mototsumitama, which helps them to learn a little more about their current question while also filling the obligitary action quote for this episode with a brief fight that to be fair was a little more stylish than what we've seen recently. But despite the initially relaxed atmosphere, Keita's presence has already been noted, while Steiner and Excel are on-hand to lead an invasion of the Master Root convention - The things people will do to get a good spot by the pool, eh?

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