Monday, 9 March 2009

White Album - Episode 10

I suppose I should start out this entry by mentioning (in case you haven't heard already) that the second thirteen episode stint of White Album won't be airing in Japan until Autumn 2009, meaning a six month break between the first and second half of the series - I calculate that this should be just enough time for Touya to grow himself a backbone.

Anyhow, after all the drama of the last episode Misaki is in hospital sleeping like a baby with nothing more than a sprained ankle and fatigue to trouble her, and it seems that she's now (reluctantly perhaps?) latched onto Akira. That aside, it seems to be bad news all around, with Touya's father looking like he's about to have a heart attack or something (before being left out of the rest of the episode with nary a mention), while Rina is pushed down the food chain and handed the ignomony of a small Christmas concert, smaller even than Yuki's.

Indeed (and thankfully for the series) it's Rina who takes up much of this episode, as her sole condition for taking on this small concert is that she gets to have Touya working for her in some capacity - Just what is it with this woman having Touya work for her? Despite acting like a spineless wet flannel in front of Misaki and Akira (with the latter brushing him away like a bug - Can't say I blame him), continuing to cop off with Yayoi (who appears to be having some stalker trouble) and just failing miserable when it comes to do with anything regarding Yuki, Touya actually seems to work quite well as a person when put in a room with Rina - He actually says what he thinks in these scenes, sounds vaguely intelligent, and generally "says the right thing" all round, even arguably inspiring Rina regarding ways to make the most of her reduced circumstances. There is, however, the matter of some torn up letter confusion, which ends with Rina seeing and piecing together a note from Yuki meant for Touya that reduces her to tears for some reason that I couldn't entirely grasp. Before you ask, yes I am still continuing with my unfounded belief that Rina will steal Touya from Yuki... besides, he's about due to kiss her now, he's snogged almost everyone else aside from Akira at this juncture.

Really, this series continues to prove a simple formula... White Album + Rina = Better episode. Even when she isn't being quite her assertive self she still lights up the scenes of which she is part, and her go-get-'em attitude is so at odds with virtually every other character in this series that it's a breath of fresh air when she lays out what she wants or simply goes out and does it without a moment's pause. Even though I still inexplicably think she's trying to steal Yuki's boyfriend (if he can still be called that), it doesn't mean that I don't kind of like her.


Anonymous said...

this episode was very confusing and i have no idea what happened in the end with those two letters

Kexiu said...

I completely agree with your last paragraph! I really do enjoy watching scenes with Rina in them, maybe it's because her Seiyu is really excellent, Nana Mizuki after all! She also sings the opening song to White Album 'Shinai', not to mention being a seiyu for so many other animes and having so many other albums and singles! her voice is really just amazing!

But yes, Rina's attitude and personality is something potential viewers really come love.