Saturday, 21 March 2009

Viper's Creed - Episode 9

Haruki's surprising death at the hands of (relatively) unknown forces may have proved to be a surprise last episode, but it probably goes without saying that the fallout from this action proves to be immense in this next instalment of Viper's Creed.

For starters (and perhaps rather bizarrely) Haruki's murder sees his father abandon his prior plans for the transformation of the city, which seems rather short-sighted, but the problems are far greater for the remaining members of Unit Viper. After being sent on a mission to capture Hound's members, the military take over, but before they know it Viper's members are being attacked in the dead of night, and accused on national television of attacking and killing innocent civilians. A conspiracy is clearly afoot, but who is responsible?

While Ulla tells the "truth" about Unit Viper to the press, and Arqon go on the hunt of their defective mercenaries, someone is clearly pulling the strings, but how deep does this rabbit hole go? At the moment we really dont know, but things are certainly getting interesting as far as this series goes - A far cry from the cooking episode we were forced to sit through not so long ago. Sure, this whole "conspiracy" arc is a little cliched, but it is at least more interesting and holds some promise, even if it isn't the most action-packed of storylines. If nothing else, this was the kind of plot we were expecting from Viper's Creed, so its introduction is most welcome on that front alone.

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