Sunday, 22 March 2009

Viper's Creed - Episode 10

As its major storyline has ramped up, so Viper Squad were put well and truly on the back foot by the conspiracy unveiling around them - Accused not only of murdering members of Hound, but also their own comrade Haruki. This leaves them on the run from the military, and on the brink of capture and, most likely, death.

However, the players in this coup appear to have reckoned without one thing - Ageha, the young girl who is a hacker extraordinaire and former close friend of Haruki. While Ulla seems to think that, whatever she's doing, she's still working for Hound and himself, the reality appears to be rather different, as her hacking talents help the Viper team to escape from their tight spot and regroup, while Ageha is even on-hand to provide the evidence that they were framed, and who by.

This knowledge then puts them back on the attack, storming the Arqon building to steal their own vehicles to that they can attempt to broadcast this evidence on TV rather than using the Internet as a broadcast medium lest the military delete the information (Have they not heard of Wikileaks?). However, their escape with these vehicles comes at a high cost....

It's this high cost which is actually the weak link of this episode as far as I'm concerned - Overall, this was a very tight, fast-paced and action-packed instalment which brought everything to the table that you can and probably should expect of Viper's Creed's premise, and it does so pretty solidly to boot. However, the death of Norma and the reason for the injury which led to her suicide mission felt hugely contrived, seemingly popping up out of nowhere with a little bit of lazy scripting that left me feeling most unsatisfied. Still, this major story arc of the series has at last brought the show back on track, albeit belatedly, and this was almost certainly the best episode so far since that rip-roaring opener - Indeed, I dare say it was probably slightly better, all things considered.

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