Monday, 16 March 2009

Viper's Creed - Episode 8

After that God-awful cooking episode, Viper's Creed at least redeemed itself with a seventh instalment that wasn't completely stupid, and thankfully this episode continues that story directly to keep things moving in the right directly.

In essence, episode eight is all about father versus son, as Haruki's relationship with Hound coming to light just as a new bombing in their name occurs, and Haruki's father is torn between caring for his son and his Presidency of the company. Of course, the blademen of Viper squad aren't too happy about having a possible informant in their midst, especially as Hound have cited them as the cause of these terrorist atrocities, a link that the populace have mindlessly lapped up.

As the episode progresses, so the lines between terrorist and "good guy" becomes blurred, as Hound's leader Ulla is seen plotting with a member of Arqon, Haruki's father's true plans come to light, and Haruki himself meets an untimely demise. We also get a foreshadowing what is shaping up to be quite a reunion between Saiki and Ulla as the series progresses.

All in all then, this is a major improvement over those earlier episodes which can now only be described as filler. I'd be the first to admit that aspects of the plot and story of this series still feel decidedly clunky (with the use of dream sequences and delusions bordering on the cringe-worthy), but at least its now offering us a cogent, coherent plot which threatens to actually go somewhere, which is enough to get me watching for reasons other than looking for excuses to pole fun at it. Real progress indeed.

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